Guiding Principles


We only measure our success on the results we deliver from profit and enterprise value improvement. We take ownership of the outcomes resulting from our recommendations. Our clients have consistently outperformed the All Ordinaries Index by a ratio of 3 to 1.


We provide functional and specialised industry expertise globally, however we think and behave as a business owner, with strong commercial insight and perspective. Our team members have built and owned businesses of their own and have an intimate understanding of how the theory and reality of implementation can differ, and how difficult successful implementation can be.


We are fact driven, even if our recommendations are unpopular or the journey is uncomfortable. Our clients will be provided with a scrupulously objective and professional perspective.


We are deliberately boutique and deliver value through ‘partner and consultant’ teams with unrivalled experience and credentials. We operate our business as a flat structure, appointing only the most senior professionals to our client work. Working in close collaboration with our clients, partners are responsible for defining the scope of projects, engaging with clients and thought leadership. Consultants are focused on designing analytical frameworks, fact gathering, developing analytical models to answer key questions, and defining / tracking and monitoring roadmaps to deliver value.


Our guiding principles are founded on excellence, trust and collaboration. We act as trusted advisers to CEOs and boards with complete adherence to commercial-in-confidence guidelines.


We apply the 80/20 rule, channelling our energies on a small number of the most important issues facing CEOs, boards and senior management rather than unfocused energy on many issues.


We transfer knowledge and capability to clients to succeed and outperform in their market. We come to better answers by working as small defined teams and collaborating with our clients, transferring knowledge and tools for ongoing value beyond the project’s life.