Branding and Marketing

Successful branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition; it’s about communicating that you are the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

Our broad expertise assists our clients to refresh and reposition brands, develop and implement brand strategy and create brands that establish a presence and can be differentiated from their competitors. We work to develop brand credibility, connect the brand to its market and secure loyalty.

The emergence of new media channels on a digital platform has both challenged and reinvigorated traditional marketing strategy. PCG has supported our clients in using new digital technology for successful branding and marketing strategies.

the fast paced marketing and branding opportunities emerging through social media provide a new level of complexity, and PCG's experience provides insights and analysis within this framework.

Our Strategy capabilities include:

Product and Category Management

PCG will assist companies to refine the product and category management process to satisfy and meet customer needs and achieve an optimal balance between sales and profitability of brands.

Marketing Effectiveness

We work with clients to develop a superior marketing strategy, ensuring their investment is producing the highest returns. With the broad range of multichannel marketing strategies now available, it is essential a client’s investment allocation drives measurable growth and results, and reinforces brand positioning.

Sales and Channel Management

PCG has extensive experience in helping clients achieve a better understanding of how to effectively measure and assess the performance of their channel mix and distribution, and work with intermediaries to boost their salesforce capabilities.

Customer Insight and Segmentation

In order to build revenue, marketers need to identify and understand the opportunities where product categories, channels and market segments intersect. PCG works with clients using tools such as analytics, qualitative research and insight-related services to create a competitive advantage.

Customer Loyalty

PCG’s technical and operational expertise means that we deliver loyalty strategies that innovate and deliver results for companies. We can assist in creating a better understanding of the characteristics of your profitable customers, develop existing customer loyalty platforms or simply assist in attracting new customers.

Pricing Strategy

Adopting the right mix of pricing strategies and tactics is challenging for many organisations, particularly in today’s market where the landscape is constantly evolving. PCG has developed a successful framework that will support our clients by customising pricing strategy solutions and capabilities to maximise long-term profit and growth.

Salesforce Effectiveness

In evaluating sales productivity within an organisation, both internal and external forces need to be addressed. Key areas of focus include performance management; training, recruiting and rewarding sales teams; as well as management and monitoring of the implementation strategy.

We look at streamlining appropriate resource allocation, optimising sales to priority customer segments, and assessing the tools and techniques needed for effective sales and service processes.