IT capability is a central component to a business strategy. IT strategy and planning are critical areas if a company is to successfully navigate, implement and achieve its key objectives.

An appropriate strategic IT roadmap is a key driver for business success as it delivers significant competitive advantages in the marketplace.

PCG is working at the forefront with companies wrestling with the opportunities and challenges of rapidly changing technology.

Our Strategy capabilities include:

IT Diagnostic and Strategy

We bring expertise in assisting clients to align IT to the company’s business objectives. If IT is unable to meet the expectations of the business then the process fails. We ensure that the IT function is responsive to business needs and priorities, and that in turn the business supports appropriate initiatives, projects and investment in IT.

Effective strategy development needs to address both the current and ongoing IT requirements in light of broader business goals, the technology’s capabilities and the financial investment required.

IT M&A Integration Strategy

PCG has extensive experience in M&A and supporting clients in structural change IT services. The integration of IT functions in any transaction is critical; as well delivering internal cost advantages, a streamlined operational transition means there is no disruption to customer services.

When there is a merger or acquisition or the existing IT architecture is no longer viable or sustainable, we assist clients by identifying cost reductions and establishing a platform that will serve their future needs.

IT Sourcing, Delivery and Execution

We help clients achieve better results with sourcing and outsourcing IT decisions, advice on service providers, defining the scope and which functions should be retained, deal structures and implications, offshore strategies and approaches and transition plans.

PCG also supports the execution process with particular focus on areas such as location architecture, CRM and ERP programs and shared services.