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From banking and insurance to wealth management and superannuation, PCG's expertise draws on 20 years in the consulting industry, offering our clients deep functional expertise across all major areas of the financial services sectors.

Our global team allows us to deliver a comprehensive perspective and insights on pressing issues from corporate strategy, operations and risk management to technology.

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Finance Company's Five-Year Business Plan

PCG helped FinanceCo reorganise after it had suffered losses under its previous management. The new CEO and management team wanted to reduce costs and address legacy issues created by poor strategy implementation by the previous management. The client, a major finance lender, implemented the new structure within a year and successfully streamlined its operations.


FinanceCo, a major lender, was challenged by legacy debt and the lack of a clear strategic direction.

Its new management wanted to reduce costs and address internal operational issues due to falling loan numbers.


PCG developed a five-year plan addressing key questions about FinanceCo's core business positioning and examining its key value driver initiatives.

PCG advised on what infrastructure and capabilities FinanceCo would require to deliver its strategy.

PCG also recommended a business unit review and market analysis and assessed FinanceCo's internal capabilities to identify areas for improvement across the various business units.


FinanceCo implemented the new structure within a year and outcomes included:

  • IT strategic review
  • Restructure of several key business units to remove the hierarchical layer
  • Managers given more authority for the loans approval process
  • Volume and number of loan approvals increased sharply.

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