The challenge for telecommunications players in both emerging and established markets is in making decisions about where and how to participate in evolving market opportunities.

We provide expertise to global operators in cabling, wireless, switching, transmission, communications, media and IP networks. In addition, to assist our clients to define and create opportunities in new markets, PCG supports clients in improving operational performance and managing costs, creating efficiencies in core business units and retaining customers.

Our Expertise

Complexity reduction
Customer insight and segmentation
Customer loyalty
Mergers and acquisitions
Pricing strategy
Supply chain optimisation

Client Results

Building Customer Loyalty in Telecommunications Service
PCG worked with a medium sized telecommunications service provider to review and innovate customer loyalty strategies as an increasing trend in customer attrition was impacting on profits and growth.

Business Opportunity

PCG was asked by a growing telecommunications service provider, TelCo, to assist with improvements in their customer loyalty program as its performance was only adequate and not meeting with customer expectations.

Our Recommendation

TelCo required assistance to identify new approaches to improve customer retention and loyalty, and PCG worked with TelCo to develop a new model to capture consumer information across the service delivery process.

PCG analysed existing performance data to assess where intervention would be most beneficial. Analysis of data reinforced the need to focus on targets in the top quartile of TelCo’s customer base to improve customer retention and cross-sell rates.

PCG recommended significant changes to the existing call centre model as analysis showed that TelCo could provide better customer support at its call centres with streamlined processes.

PCG also helped TelCo to integrate new approaches to targeting and engaging customers, with greater focus on communication across digital platforms. PCG developed a social media strategy as an additional tool to enhance response to customers.

Results Achieved

After 18 months customer loyalty had increased by 33%, and customer attrition had fallen by 50%.

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