Private Equity

With the landscape in private equity changing rapidly, we support private equity firms in developing and executing strategies to improve operations through restructuring and growth.

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver perceptive insights and create change, from pre-deal analysis through to acquisition valuation and exit planning.

PCG’s unique approach has assisted many of our clients to navigate the structural and financial challenges in private equity and achieve key outcomes in increased profitability.

Our Expertise

Acquisition target screening and valuation
Due diligence
Exit planning
Profit improvement

Client Results

Profit Discovery for a Private Equity Investor
A private equity firm was evaluating a software company operating in the medical industry, trying to determine whether it would make a good acquisition target.

Business Opportunity

The software company had an existing business model, with strong historic market share but revenue growth had stalled. There was an opportunity for a private equity investment to change the business model and unlock latent value within the target organisation.

Our Recommendation

PCG evaluated the market growth opportunities, how changes in the operating model could deliver cost savings and how changes in the revenue model could improve revenues.

Framework used to identify value creating opportunities for target company

Results Achieved

PCG identified the following value creating opportunities in the acquisition target:

  • $4m per annum in developer outsourcing
  • $2m in new market opportunity with Specialists
  • $6m in new market opportunity with Allied Health Providers
  • $20m – $50m in incremental revenue opportunity through implementing a different revenue model
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