The media industry is facing a major global upheaval as digital technology reshapes the use of media and how and when information and content is generated, utilised and accessed.

With 20 years of experience in consulting, our expertise assists media companies to transform their fundamental business model and strategy, explore new digital revenue opportunities and grow and retain their customer base.

Our Expertise

Advertising sales
Corporate strategy
Customer insight and segmentation
Customer loyalty
Digital media
Information technology

Client Results

Publisher Revenue Heads South
An Australasian media company had an immediate need to address loss of revenue – its print products were declining in circulation and advertising sales were being eroded by its major competitors leveraging a strong online market share.

PCG assisted MediaCo to redefine its core business and established a strategy that resulted in an immediate growth in revenue.

Business Opportunity

MediaCo was an established Australasian media company specialising in publishing.

Its revenue from advertising sales and circulation was consistently declining as its major competitor was impacting on its footprint.

There was a need to develop a new strategy and business plan for MediaCo in order for the business to survive.

Our Recommendation

PCG realigned resources, exited poor performing publications, refreshed existing brands and assisted in building declining revenue by launching publications online.

Distribution channels were reviewed and reorganised to reduce costs and maximise sales.

PCG streamlined work processes and operations and reduced labour costs.

Results Achieved

The strategy had an immediate impact on revenue and MediaCo is on track with a 25% growth in revenue for a third consecutive year.

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