Pharmaceutical and Medical

Our broad range of work in the pharmaceutical and medical industry has assisted our clients in addressing the fundamental questions challenging the industry, so they can refocus and grow.

We have had extensive experience with large, international corporations, having acted as advisers on corporate strategy and operational improvements.

In an industry characterised by complex issues and changing delivery models, PCG has increased profits and built sustained value for leading industry players.

Our Expertise

Growth strategy
Operations improvement
Patents and generic strategy
Research and development
Salesforce effectiveness

Client Results

Medical Equipment Company Reorganises Salesforce
A medical devices company was experiencing lower returns in salesforce productivity as its business expanded.

PCG devised and implemented a holistic mobile strategy to reorganise and retrain the salesforce and realise profits.

Business Opportunity

Due to MedCo’s recent expansion in growth of both existing and new product lines, the salesforce at this medical equipment company had grown quickly, producing inefficiencies and generating lower returns.

PCG was asked to assist in restructuring the salesforce to stimulate further growth and reposition the company’s future sales operations.

Our Recommendation

PCG assisted MedCo to develop and put in place a new sales model and business case that reorganised sales teams by region, eliminated the duplication of sales representatives for smaller to medium sized customer practices, implemented new metrics for performance assessment and analysed the quality and effectiveness of sales between customers and sales representatives.

The rollout required staff to gain new skills in account management and product knowledge, so a plan for recruitment and training was implemented.

PCG also recommended that the salesforce have access to enterprise data ‘ customer contact information, sales history, pricing and inventory levels ‘through mobile devices that could be used remotely in real time.

Results Achieved

Outcomes from the new sales model and implementation resulted in:

  • Improved quality relationships between customer and sales representative as measured over a 12-month period
  • Improvement in reductions in sales cycles, and faster call reporting completeness and resolution of customer inquiries.
  • Year-on-year improvement of 25% in sales force productivity
  • Year-on-year increase in revenue of 18%.
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