High Tech

All sectors in the high tech industry - from service provider companies in a computer software and hardware, IT services, storage, components and peripherals - are facing issues associated with a rapidly changing and evolving market.

PCG works with companies to address the changing dynamics in the marketplace: emerging new players and consolidation of existing players, shortened product life cycles and cloud computing and its impact on business.

Our experts work with clients to develop operational strategies that address these challenges.

Our Expertise

Acquisition strategy
Branding and marketing
Innovation strategy
Operational Improvement

Client Results

A Software Service Solution
A market leader in IT software was losing market share to a major competitor. PCG recommended the implementation of a new strategy selling software as a service, rather than as a subscription, which leveraged a significant growth opportunity for the whole business group.

Business Opportunity

HealthSoft Co (owned by Parent Co) was the market leader in patient and practice management software for doctors.

HealthSoft Co had been running a strategy for five years to maximise EBITDA contribution. A side effect of this was the loss of market share in the face of strong competition in the market.

There was a need to develop a new strategy and business plan for HealthSoft.

Our Recommendation

Working with management, PCG developed a pricing strategy to rebuild the footprint and sell Parent Co’s health services through the software footprint, therefore maximising profitability to the group and leveraging the re-established footprint.

Results Achieved

The new plan was endorsed by the board and implementation plans are on track to achieve an incremental EBITDA of $19 million per annum.

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