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With extensive experience in providing support to our clients in the gaming and leisure sector, PCG has helped CEOs and senior management with critical decisions on strategy and operations.

Our deep functional expertise and insights in this market focus on addressing increasing regulatory challenges, operational efficiencies and marketing strategy for our clients.

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Membership Backs a Bet on a Gaming Organisation

PCG worked with our client to identify and regenerate key customer segments, better align the customer loyalty program and implement a plan to restore growth and create a new customer base.


Gamble Co had a passive membership program with minimal consumer interaction. New legislation prevented certain types of rewards and consumer advertising. Gamble Co needed a market leading & approved customer loyalty program to drive growth.


An analysis of Gamble Co's existing database allowed the identification of key member segments.

Member segments were defined around key revenue drivers and consumer behaviour.

A member life cycle was defined as a framework for direct marketing communications.

Using a mix of standard and customised loyalty software, Gamble Co launched a leading member loyalty program.


Just 18 months after launching the new membership program, Gamble Co gained on average 15% market share in its regional markets.

Member acquisition rates increased from 5% per annum to 24% per annum.

Member retention increased from 81% per annum to 96% per annum.

Revenue increased by 32% and EBITDA more than doubled after 18 months.

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