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PCG works with leaders in the healthcare and biotech industries to deliver stronger immediate and long-term healthcare solutions and outcomes for patients in a global context.

Our work with clients in medical technology, payers and providers and pharmaceuticals has delivered strong results, with our focus being on strategies to provide greater value at lower cost to the market, product innovation, distribution efficiencies and aligning our clients with new opportunities in e-health solutions.

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Medical Imaging

PCG worked with a medical imaging company, Health Co, to develop and implement strategies that would align labour with revenue and help the company develop optimisation plans that achieved annualised savings on $5 million per annum within 10 weeks.


Health Co's imaging business operated under three business models: hospitals, community centres and medical centres. Each business was different in average size, modality offering and pricing. There was a need to align labour with revenue.


PCG developed a labour alignment prototype tool.

Objectives were to:

  • Better align labour with patient flow and improve staff productivity (the number of examinations per labour hour)
  • Extend trading hours with the same labour cost or contract hours
  • Improve conversion of peak overflow traffic
  • Close any rostering loopholes and control planned versus actual rosters via the prototype.


Twelve trial sites were identified and achieved annualised savings on $5 million per annum within 10 weeks.

The balance of 120 sites are currently using the labour alignment prototype tool, with 50% of the $26 million identified productivity improvements already implemented.

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